Alchemix Outreach and DeFi Growth

Today SpookySwap completed our first outreach airdrop, committing funds to users currently not on Fantom in order to accomplish our long term plan to get more enthusiasts and developers interested and invested in Fantom Opera.

Our promotional image for the first SpookySwap Airdrop to Non-FTM Users.

AlchemixFinance was a great choice for our airdrop due to being a veteran platform familiar with decentralized exchanges. We at SpookySwap consider platforms on ethereum to have a very knowledgeable userbase. Additional guides and tutorials for using Fantom Opera and SpookySwap are planned, which will hopefully contribute to growth when Binance Smart Chain users can more easily transfer funds to Fantom Opera. Our outreach will continue to focus on technical communities to maximize the impact of a community airdrop. It is our intent that inviting knowledgeable members of the DeFi space to utilize SpookySwap will create a more helpful and supportive community.

After announcing the airdrop, we corresponded with Pickle Finance, Mushrooms Finance, and Ruler Protocol to include Ethereum users on their protocols. SpookySwap is very fortunate these protocols were gracious enough to provide the address list of their ALCX stakers.

The airdrop covered all users holding ALCX or alUSD in their wallets as well as Alchemix Farmers on in the following pools:

  • alUSD3CRV
  • alUSD POOL

The airdrop also extended to ALCX Stakers on the following protocols:

In total the Airdrop covered:

  • 4 protocols
  • 8758 addresses
  • 43790 BOO
  • 87.58 FTM

While several DeFi platforms have reached out to SpookySwap, our focus on being a governance-focused decentralized exchange prevents changes to our farms or farm weights without community voting. Alchemix fortunately utilizes the DAI token which is currently supported by our SpookySwap farms. We plan to create future outreach airdrops in parallel with the results from community LP farm voting to both incentivize BOO holders to be active and involved in governance, and to showcase the support SpookySwap has for our community’s decisions.

We give a big spooky Thank You to AlchemixFinance, Ruler Protocol, Mushrooms Finance, and Pickle Finance for working with us to make the airdrop happen.

Stay Spooky!