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The Spooky team is proud to announce a new partnership, featuring Incognito!

Shielded BOO on the privacy centric community Incognito

For those who value privacy, cryptocurrencies come with a tradeoff. Transactions are recorded on public ledgers, displaying amounts involved, inscribing virtual identities of their senders and receivers. Existing solutions like Monero, Zcash, and Grin introduced their own version of cryptocurrencies that focus on privacy, based on CryptoNote, Zerocash and Mimblewimble. Incognito instead takes a different approach, by creating privacy for existing cryptocurrencies, rather than a new token with privacy.

By conducting transactions off the Fantom chain, investors are able to conceal sizable amounts of crypto from potential attackers. This privacy also creates more independence from financial institutions, or helps enable better negotiations between businesses by concealing additional funds.

We’re proud to announce today that the BOO token will be available on the Incognito Privacy Exchange with the creation of a shielded token, pBOO. On the Incognito exchange you will be able to:

Look forward to more information about the upcoming launch of liquidity for pBOO — PRV from the Incognito team.

About Incognito

Incognito is a global community of privacy-minded builders seeking to protect the world from surveillance and control. They build privacy-protecting, blockchain-based financial products for the future of money. The Incognito team aims to bring the highest level of privacy to the Fantom ecosystem as a whole. Users can take any action with their favorite Fantom assets and dApps from all blockchains while their privacy is well preserved. Since the main net launch in 2019, Incognito’s privacy network has been adopted with over 200 crypto assets shielded to Incognito chain, 400M shielding volume, 500M trading volume, and 5M privacy transactions validated.

Incognito: Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub | Blog

About Spooky

SpookySwap was the first native decentralized exchange for the Fantom Opera network bringing new capabilities to ETH-alternative networks such as being the first DEX to implement native limit orders outside of Ethereum, and the first DEX to implement a bridge built into the interface. SpookySwap is fully decentralized with governance by BOO being used to determine all new farms, single-stake pools, and farm weight adjustments. Spooky’s commitment to improving user experience and DeFi utility for Fantom resulted in the largest protocol on Fantom Opera by both TVL and volume.

Spooky: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | GitHub | Reddit



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