Magicats Staking is now Live!

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2 min readJun 15, 2022


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DEX utility is here for the top volume NFT collection on Fantom Opera! A big thank you to our NFT and DeFi communities who have looked forward to yield boosting since our NFT series launched in October of 2021.

Let’s dive into Magicats Staking and yield boosting!

Magicats give an extra step for extra earnings on your staked BOO

To get started, navigate to the Stake BOO page of the Spooky site. From here you can scroll down to the same listing of pools for xBOO staking. You’ll quickly notice that a few xBOO pools are now listed as Boostable! The potential bonus in APR will be displayed to indicate which pools are boosted the most by the Magicat bonus.

Our new “Magicat Boost” button for BOO-sting your Single-Stake rewards

From here, you can select cats to stake for extra APR rewards! Magicats will be sorted by their ID number in the Magicats NFT collection, and display their Magic Points (MP) to indicate their impact on the Pool APR.

Multiple cats can combine their MP to boost yield for a single pool.

For launch, bonus APR is awarded through funds directly from the Spooky Treasury. Future Magicats boosting will be awarded based on Spooky DAO governance or rewards from fellow protocols.

MP is awarded for each asset in the Magicat NFT, with rarer assets being worth additional MP. Each Magicat will also have a higher MP for special titles at the end of their name or for set matching, such as having both Grim’s hat and Grim’s wand. You can view your Magicats MP, or the MP of all Magicats on Spooky’s NFT page, through the My Magicats page or the Magicats Rarity Guide page.

Magic Points are awarded for titles and asset matching on top of asset rarity

As many of our roadmap goals have been met, and our new development priority list is for more long term and ambitious features, future Spooky NFT development news is currently planned for Q4 of 2022. For now, let us know your thoughts and suggestions for future Spooky NFT utility on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or in our SpookySwap Subreddit.

Stay Spooky!

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