Spooky Fi is now live on Horizen EON

Spooky Swap
2 min readOct 31, 2023

Happy Halloween DeFi Family! And what better way to celebrate it than with a very Spooky announcement.

We’re proud to announce that Spooky Fi’s DEX has officially gone multichain with support for one of the fastest growing Ethereum-based ecosystems.

Spooky is now live on the Horizen EON network!

Swapping and Liquidity are now live on Horizen EON with farms coming soon

As SpookySwap’s first DEX multichain deployment, we couldn’t be happier about launching on Horizen EON. The Horizen team has been incredibly supportive and brought the passion and enthusiasm for DeFi that we love to see from a partner. Our community can look forward to Spooky launching more products on EON to create a one-stop hub for finance.

Why EON:

Powered by Horizen, EON is a fully EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contract platform built with massive scalability in mind.

  • Permissionless cross-chain communication powered by zkSNARKs
  • Easy integration for all Ethereum-based dApps
  • Connectable to the Horizen Mainnet for robust and secure public infrastructure

You can learn more about Horizen and their EVM-Compatible sidechain EON by visiting their website here.

Trade ZEN

Trading ZEN has been enabled today! Click here to go directly to the USDC/ZEN pair.

Deposits & withdrawals have already been enabled for ZEN pairs and can be accessed here. USDC is tradable against ZEN and wZEN, with additional pairs being enabled once sufficient liquidity develops.

We hope the Spooky Squad community is excited for the new trading opportunities thanks to Horizen. Be sure to follow our community Discord, Telegram, and X accounts, as we’ll have another major update coming soon as we continue to prioritize cross-chain DEX growth.

About Spooky

SpookySwap is the top native decentralized exchange for the Fantom Opera network, now on Horizen EON. Spooky has brought new capabilities to ETH-alternative networks such as being the first DEX to implement native limit orders outside of Ethereum and the first DEX to implement a bridge built into the interface.

SpookySwap is fully decentralized with governance by BOO being used to determine all new farms, single-stake pools, and farm weight adjustments. Spooky remains committed to improving user experience and DeFi utility.

Stay Spooky!

Spooky: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | GitHub | Reddit