Spooky x Polter: Non-custodial Lending and Borrowing is Back on Fantom

Spooky Swap
2 min readFeb 2, 2024

The SpookySwap team is proud to announce our latest partnership with Polterfinance bring decentralized non-custodial lending and borrowing back to Fantom!

After the cessation of the GEIST platform on Fantom chain, there has been a demand for something similar to be available for the community. Polter fills in this gap with the same smart contract, with the added benefit of extra security and utilizing the SpookySwap DEX for all POLTER liquidity.

Platform fees distribution will follow closely what $GEIST has been offering, with depositors and borrowers receiving Polter incentives for contributing to the platform TVL and utility. Depositors will also earn from 50% of borrowing interests, while stakers get 50% fees generated from lending repayments. The Polter team will also be incentivizing their LP farm on Spooky with additional POLTER rewards for LP stakers.

Lockers will get additional Polter tokens from penalty amount from early vesting exit (50%). Investors will additionally receive an airdrop by the Polter team linearly over 2 years to be vested for 3 months, so follow on their social links for the latest information on airdrop details and dApp updates.

About Polter

Polter is a decentralised non-custodial lending and borrowing platform where depositors earns from interests earned from borrowing. After the cessation of $GEIST platform on Fantom chain, there has been a demand for something similar to be available for the community. $POLTER was created to fill in this gap with the same smart contract. Learning from past platforms lessons, flashfloans will be disabled. This is to minimize risks for users of the platform.

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About Spooky

SpookySwap is the top native decentralized exchange for the Fantom Opera network, now on Horizen EON and BitTorrent-Chain. Spooky has brought new capabilities to ETH-alternative networks such as being the first DEX to implement native limit orders outside of Ethereum and the first DEX to implement a bridge built into the interface.

SpookySwap is fully decentralized with governance by BOO being used to determine all new farms, single-stake pools, and farm weight adjustments. Spooky remains committed to improving user experience and DeFi utility.

Stay Spooky!

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