#SpookySeason Art Contest Results

Honorable Mentions

Spooky Fantom Ecosystem by Kaja and Omega
Cauldron Night by Dua Labs
Spooky Study by Paul01
Spooky Symmetry by DarkArts.DarkHearts
Ghostly Grim by Father Fantom


Summoning Stuff by Elle
Wizard Cat by AAcat
Spooky Mondays by Keenan
Summoning Circle Grim by No Luck Human

Grand Finalist

Spooky Cat Town by Lord Wagmeme
“Magic Show” cat matches our Magicats template, and tiny Ace cats running along the stairs
This spooky bridge features the logos of the SpookySwap Bridge’s networks
A tiny Eclair cat, the Discord profile picture of our Lead Product/UX Designer №4 Type C
A wild Eerie Eight flying in the distance, with Patchwork and ooGwei art featured on the tower



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