#SpookySeason Art Contest Results

Spooky Swap
4 min readNov 3, 2021


A big thank you to all the talented artists who entered our #SpookySeason art contest! It’s amazing to see the countless pieces of fanart we’ve received of Grim and other Fantom Opera characters, and we glad that this contest was able to support talented artists in crypto while building excitement for FTM.

We’re proud to announce our first #SpookySeason art contest winners with a total of $3000 in prizes! But first, here are the Honorable Mentions, who will not be receiving a prize but still submitted excellent art!

Honorable Mentions

Spooky Fantom Ecosystem by Kaja and Omega
Cauldron Night by Dua Labs
Spooky Study by Paul01
Spooky Symmetry by DarkArts.DarkHearts
Ghostly Grim by Father Fantom


Now onto our finalists, who will be receiving $250 of BOO, with an additional $250 matched by the Fantom Foundation’s 370M FTM Incentive, and a SpookySwapArt runner-up NFT ribbon!

Summoning Stuff by Elle

Elle shows a great mastery of pixel art with the playful shadows on Grim and her witchy catgirl friend. Color template here is a really interesting choice, and overall it was amazing to see so many details captured in so few pixels!

Wizard Cat by AAcat

AAcat created this 3D model from scratch, and shows excellent use of texture, light source, light dispersion, you name it! This is definitely incredibly high quality 3D art and we’re so excited to know such a talented artist is a fan of SpookySwap!

Spooky Mondays by Keenan

Keenan is either a long time fan, or coincidentally referenced one of SpookySwap’s oldest Twitter memes! Either way this was great quality cartoon art, and we appreciated the texture added for a printed paper look.

Summoning Circle Grim by No Luck Human

No Luck Human’s illustration of Grim/Ace does a great job matching SpookySwap style art. We thought it was a great touch that SPOOKY MEOW and BOO can be seen stylized in the summoning circle text, and even includes the #SpookySeason hashtag in the white ghost. Overall, we felt this submission captured the cute spookiness that fits our SpookySwap theme.

Grand Finalist

Now onto our grand finalist, who will be receiving $500 of BOO, with an additional $500 matched by the Fantom Foundation’s 370M FTM Incentive, and a SpookySwapArt trophy! As we’ll show, this artist did a great job capturing the entirety of the SpookySwap ecosystem in a unique aesthetic, with details that the entire team appreciated.

Spooky Cat Town by Lord Wagmeme

It was incredibly difficult to pick the winner for this SpookySeason contest with so many incredible entries covering so many different types of art mediums, but ultimately the incredibly number of nods and references to SpookySwap showed us that Lord Wagmeme truly appreciated the Fantom ecosystem and SpookySwap. Here’s a few of our favorite details from Spooky Cat Town:

“Magic Show” cat matches our Magicats template, and tiny Ace cats running along the stairs
This spooky bridge features the logos of the SpookySwap Bridge’s networks
A tiny Eclair cat, the Discord profile picture of our Lead Product/UX Designer №4 Type C
A wild Eerie Eight flying in the distance, with Patchwork and ooGwei art featured on the tower

We’ll certainly be asking Lord Wagmeme for a higher resolution copy of the picture, since overall the attention to detail and references to site and Discord assets was the tipping point that earned the grand prize.

Thanks again to everyone who entered our SpookySeason contest! We hope this month’s excitement between Halloween fun and FantomDC made everyone more excited than ever for the future of Fantom Opera. Stay tuned for more SpookySwap contests coming soon to further give back to our great community.

Stay Spooky!

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