SpookySwap Development Teaser: Expert Mode Trading

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An improved interface for serious traders has been a roadmap goal since SpookySwap’s launch, and we’re proud to reveal some of the progress we’ve made towards launching our new and improved interface. SpookySwap is officially announcing that we are close to fully utilizing Fantom Opera’s fast transaction speed by launching our expert trading page.

Through our partnership with Cryptokek, the Fantom Opera network will soon have a high quality, fast, ad-free charting dApp which covers over 99% of the tokens on SpookySwap. Kek.Tools is the world’s first fully EVM compatible token explorer. That means any chain on this list can be quickly supported for future charts. The Cryptokek dApp as it now stands tracks several networks, with Fantom Foundation’s Fantom Opera network being the newest. Kek allows you to easily analyze markets via TradingView charts, recent trades, market summary, trending tokens, and keep a list of your favorite tokens. There are plenty new features the Cryptokek team is actively working to integrate to make Kek the number one utility for charts and analytics. The Fantom Opera Chain will soon have a quality market analysis tool through Cryptokek and SpookySwap!

Expect powerful MACD and RSI chart analytics, courtesy of Cryptokek

Thanks to our hardworking development team, SpookySwap can now show a preview for our upcoming custom interface which combines cryptokek’s charts and information directly from the SpookySwap swap page. This new Expert Mode layout presents compact navigation of the existing SpookySwap site while optimizing space for data display and charting tools. These robust tools include your personal trade history, a history of liquidity changes for LP pairs, existing limit orders, and our familiar swap user interface.

Trade history will be located next to our familiar swap UI element from the Default Mode

By integrating these features into the SpookySwap swap page, we expect our upcoming expert trading mode to lay the foundation for serious traders and investors to come onto Fantom Opera and experience the lowest fees and fastest transactions, now with the charting tools to make informed and optimized swap and limit orders. We welcome feedback on our proposed user interface and layout in either our community-ran Telegram group, or our Discord server. We expect to have these new features available for you to use firsthand by late August.

Stay Spooky!