SpookySwap Development Update #4

Growth in daily volume has contributed to an increase in fees generated for LP providers

Data Recap: July 2021

  • Total Volume: $57,418,520
  • Average Daily Volume: $5,028,571
  • BOO Holders: 25,125
  • BOO Market Cap: $11,836,000
  • xBOO APR: 54.79%
  • Rewards for LPers + xBOO: $311,000
SpookySwap has seen a sharp increase in its Liquidity during the past week

Site Improvements

  • You can now choose to receive wFTM instead of FTM when withdrawing liquidity, which should assist removing liquidity for tokens with high taxes on transfer.
  • The BOO price is now listed in both USD and FTM, since the value of BOO has been shown to be correlated to FTM.
  • Our homepage now has an updated list of cross chain collaboration and partners.
  • The CertiK tag has been added to each page which can be clicked to view our audit report.
  • Our Analytics page is now able to display the full history for SpookySwap tokens and pairs, starting from our launch date April 17th.
Our list of Cross-Chain partnerships continues to grow

SpookySwap Bridge

Information is displayed in a clear and concise modal
Our drop-down menu exclusively shows Fantom, Ethereum and BSC to avoid incorrect transactions
ETH can be wrapped without leaving the SpookySwap site

Limit Orders

The Invert feature allows for placing orders below market price

Governance and Partnerships

Original SpookySwap art created for the Reaper promotion
  • Graviton
  • Atari
  • YEL

Social Outreach

“What’s so special about the Fantom blockchain” by Dat Boi
Showing supported bridges and top TVL dapps gives a good overview of what’s popular on Fantom
The real world application of Fantom is a major feature that shouldn’t be overlooked
Several Twitter profile pictures now feature our mascot Grim’s iconic hat


More NFTs on ZooCoin will be available soon for purchase

Next Steps

  • additional incentives for xBOO holders
  • detailed charts
  • an NFT platform
  • the creation of a fully fledged on-chain DAO
  • an Initial Coin Offering platform
  • deploying BOO to Ethereum or other networks.
Neist’s RPC aggregator handles over 200,000,000 requests a day



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