SpookySwap Development Update #7

Tomb.finance and SpookySwap lead TVL growth on Fantom the last week of November
DAI liquidity has increased significantly thanks to Spartacus Finance
November ended with a record high 7d DEX Volume

Data Recap: November 2021

Overall TVL has increased during November, and SpookySwap remains the highest TVL of any DEX on Fantom

Partnered Staking

Governance Proposals

SpookySwap Bridge Expansion

Our bridge update connects popular “Ethereum Helpers” to the Fantom network.

Social Outreach

A new faucet supported by our Discord moderator, MentaSuave01
SpookySwap’s recently sponsored video published by Hashoshi

Detailed Charts

Expert trading heavily upgrades the Swap page with additional information thanks to kek.tools and №4 Type C

Magicats NFTs

Our Genesis NFT series: Magicats
One of the 13 unique Magicats has been successfully sold for 50,000 FTM on the PaintSwap marketplace
Rarities include bonus Magic Points for titles and asset matches

Site Improvements

Next Steps





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