SpookySwap Farm V2 Migration Announcement

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3 min readJul 13, 2022

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SpookySwap is proud to announce our major feature, SpookySwap Farm V2, is going live for all farms on the SpookySwap DEX! This contract is the same as what is currently used for our newer farms, such as the recent

V2 farms, which creates new types of investment possibilities for farmers and new types of partnerships for protocols all possible thanks to a major upgrade now on our Farm.

However, Spooky investors must manually migrate to the SpookySwap Farm V2 contract!

SpookySwap’s farms are about to get even spookier, thanks to all LP pairs migrating to Farm V2!

About Farm V2

SpookySwap has made it possible for other projects to add incentives from their own treasuries on top of BOO rewards (or independent of them), instantly without governance. Previously for SpookySwap, adding incentives from another project required utilizing Partnered Staking through BOO governance to receive a higher BOO farm weight, which favored existing well-known projects. By upgrading to Farm V2, Fantom developers will have more tools to add their own rewards instantly to LP, driving increased DEX liquidity which would in turn lower slippage and increase the overall profitability of the DEX. Protocols in a hurry to reward LPers can now quickly spin up farms for their owns tokens on the trusted SpookySwap DEX without the need for BOO Rewards and appealing to BOO Holders through governance.

For Farm V2, an unlimited number of reward tokens can be provided directly to stakers. Protocols can now choose to incentivize dual or triple rewards for LPers. Dual farm rewards in Farm v2 will also help the SpookySwap team monitor high performance pairs and collaborate with protocols who would like to be added to the list of BOO rewards farms through SpookySwap governance.

LP Migration

Most importantly, any current LP staked in V1 farms must be manually migrated over to V2. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Farms page on the Spooky.Fi site
  2. Navigate to the “Inactive Tab”, showing V1 Farm LP pairs
  3. 3. Unstake your LP tokens from the inactive farm. If you only see staked LP in the Active tab and not the Inactive tab, Spooky farms have not migrated yet (or: hard refresh the page)
  4. Stake the same LP token to the same farm, located in the “Active” tab.
The Inactive tab, located above the list of farms, displays old farms no longer earning BOO rewards

Congratulations, your LP tokens are now earning Farm V2 rewards!

LP Zapping

The Farm V2 contract will support zapping from creating an LP token directly into a farm. This allows for easier UX, less gas costs and a better experience for SpookySwap and Fantom users! Zapping support from SpookySwap is still in development and will be launching soon in the future.

Harvest All

Thanks to Spooky’s Farm V2 migration, the Harvest All button on the Spooky Farm page will now be one transaction for all active farms. Once again, this migration enables lower gas costs and a better experience for SpookySwap and Fantom users thanks to all farms utilizing the same contract!

Overall, Farm V2 brings exciting new investment possibilities for the Fantom community. We look forward to seeing upcoming SpookySwap partnerships drive DEX liquidity and volume thanks to featured pairs and dual reward possibilities. Expect additional updates coming very soon to earn even more BOO rewards for SpookySwap stakers.

Stay Spooky!

Spooky: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | GitHub | Reddit