SpookySwap Generative NFT Development Update

We’re happy to announce more information regarding our upcoming NFT series Magicats! The SpookySwap team has been very steadily releasing new information on our plans for our generative NFT series supported by Fantom Opera’s new marketplace, Artion, and this development update serves to both build excitement for SpookySwap’s commitment to becoming the #1 DeFi hub and as a call for NFT collectors to be excited for the Magicats launch.

“Lucky Cat” 1 of 1 Magicat NFT

Our lead artist has created unique NFT assets to be released as a limited generative series. Our new NFT series, Magicats, will mint 5,000 generative NFTs utilizing over 200 unique art assets. The increase in the number of unique art assets compared to existing popular generative NFT series ensures that SpookySwap’s Magicats will be even more unique and less visually repetitive than competing NFTs. Additionally, each NFT will have a unique name and description generated to give more identity and world-building to each Magicat. The Magicats series will also feature thirteen 1 of 1 NFTs in the set of 5000. Because of this, a majority of art asset combinations will never be seen or minted.

A generative possibility featuring a morning star, overalls, 3d glasses, sun hat, and bat wings on a black cat.

Additional incentives for xBOO were a highly requested feature for SpookySwap, and we’re excited at the numerous ways staking BOO for xBOO is now rewarded. To add to this, we’re happy to announce that a planned portion of royalties from Artion on Magicats will go towards xBOO stakers as an additional benefit for holding BOO. This means that similarly to xBOO earning a small portion of all swap fees, official SpookySwap NFTs swapped on Artion will also contribute to the rate xBOO increases in value through royalties buying back BOO. In order to not detract from improving the DEX features, we have hired an additional team member to specifically develop the Magicats, 0xHephaestus.

For when you’re ready to romance on the open seas

The current tentative mint price is 150 FTM, which could change based on the dollar price of FTM closer to release. Magicat NFTs will have no presale or premints, with an emphasis on a fair launch. All 1 of 1s will be mintable upon launch and will not be released as part of any auction or promotion. To reward our community members who have already begun collecting our NFTs on ZOO, holders of SpookySwap site asset NFTs available on the ZooCoin marketplace will receive a Magicat based on a snapshot leading up to release.

We are committed to making SpookySwap the #1 DeFi hub, and welcome any feedback or suggestions in our community Discord and Telegram groups. Our Discord has a dedicated channel for discussing Magicats NFTs. You can expect Magicats to launch mid-October mintable through the SpookySwap website and tradeable on Artion. We look forward to having even more NFTs available for launch on our exciting new platform.

Stay Spooky!

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