SpookySwap Partners With Fantom Oasis

The Fantom Foundation 370M FTM incentive has brought new developers and projects onto the Fantom Opera ecosystem, and Spooky Swap is proud to announce a new Fantom-native launchpad which seeks to help developers and investors alike in this rapidly growing ecosystem. Introducing, Fantom Oasis (ticker: FTMO) which will be launching its initial DEX liquidity through SpookySwap’s DEX later this week.

Fantom Oasis: The Latest Native Project Launchpad for the Fantom Opera Network

Fantom Oasis aims to be the premiere project launchpad for the Fantom Opera network. FTMO delivers an opportunity for Fantom investors to gain early access to upcoming projects launching on Fantom. Fantom Oasis will facilitate capital distribution between Fantom investors and project creators through raising liquidity, distributing tokens, and assisting the launch of new projects. Opera developers are incentivized to interact with the FTMO platform for efficient distribution of their tokens to motivated Fantom Opera “Super-Users”, Fantom Oasis’s name for investors who buy and stake FTMO to receive these new projects’ tokens at a discount along with potential bonuses such as discounts, rewards, or an increase in allocation size.

Our Partnership

SpookySwap and Fantom Oasis have a shared goal of promoting quality Fantom-native projects to both our communities and the greater Fantom ecosystem. Projects seeking a new IDO will need to meet the SpookySwap and Fantom Oasis standard, and will be rewarded by having their token whitelisted on Fantom’s number one DEX, SpookySwap.

About Fantom Oasis

Fantom investors are currently faced with the hard choice of choosing which projects to buy on a wild-west ecosystem spread across a disparate set of Discord and Telegram channels. Fantom Oasis will provide clarity to this chaos: a clean, singular oasis of legitimate projects that are thoroughly vetted by the Fantom Oasis team. Fantom Oasis is a team of long time Fantom holders with significant programming experience. They believe strongly in the ideology of decentralization of human power structures and are interested in contributing as much value to the Fantom chain as possible.

About SpookySwap

SpookySwap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Fantom Opera network. SpookySwap actively invests in building a strong foundation by using the BOO token for governance, rewards on diverse farms, and to provide developer grants encouraging a healthy ecosystem of other Fantom projects. As of its launch in April 2021, SpookySwap has earned endorsement and support from the Fantom Foundation, developed a bridge for Fantom — Ethereum — BSC, and been fully audited by CertiK.

We look forward to working closely with the Fantom Oasis team to launch exciting investment opportunities for the Fantom community at large during this period of rapid growth and discovery for the Fantom Opera network.


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Fantom Oasis: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Focus Group | Docs