#SpookySwapArt Meme Contest Results

First off, a big thank you to everyone who entered our first #SpookySwapArt meme contest! We’re happy to say more than 100 entrants were submitted. We’re very grateful to have such a creative community. The team evaluated each piece based on humor, creativity, and effort.

Onto our 5 runner-up finalists, who will each receive $100 of BOO!

The Finalists



Such space!

U wot m8?

Very moon!

SpookySwapArt Meme Winner

And now, onto our grand finalist and winner of $300 in BOO:

So spooky!

As for our winning entry, the team is very impressed by the amount of effort, and the clever use of the SpookySwap theme and name. We can’t deny the magic of cats and dogs! Why isn’t there a Scooby-Doo doge coin already?

Thank you again to everyone who entered! Finalists, please DM the official SpookySwap Twitter account with your MetaMask wallet information to redeem your BOO and NFT prize!

We hope everyone is excited for more updates being released by SpookySwap, and will continue to participate in our SCAIRdrop contests.

The next contest will be announced in early June.

Stay Spooky!