#SpookySwapArt Scairdrop Contest #2 — Memes!

Meme art from MartinYu
Meme art from illustrious


  • Contest dates are from 16:00 UTC May 14th to 23:59 UTC May 21st.
  • To submit their original memes, entrants must retweet the contest’s announcement at the official SpookySwap Twitter account with their submission attached, and include the #SpookySwapArt hashtag.
  • No NSFW art will be eligible.
  • You must be following the SpookySwap Twitter account to enter! We will need to DM you for your MetaMask wallet address if you are a winner.
  • Submissions may need to provide proof of their original content, for example by e-mailing a .psd, in order for the submission to be verified.
  • Winners must provide a MetaMask wallet address, privately to our development team, to receive a prize.
  • Multiple submissions per Twitter account are acceptable. Please create a thread using your first retweet when posting additional submissions.
  • Submissions that do not reference SpookySwap will not be eligible.
  • Judges for the contest will be the SpookySwap development team. We will be judging based on humor, creativity, and effort.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How do I enter? Attach your submission to a retweet of the contest’s announcement that includes @SpookySwap and #SpookySwapArt. That’s it! You can also add text if you would like to.
  • What if I want to do multiple submission but I’ve already retweeted? One retweet is sufficient to submit multiple times, but please thread your submissions by replying to your original retweet.
  • How are you judging submissions? We’ll be awarding points based on humor, creativity, and effort. Submissions that do not reference SpookySwap or BOO will not be eligible.
  • Where can I get SpookySwap art to help me make memes? Check our Medium post to help you with your submissions!



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