SpookySwap’s Make-a-Magicat Art Contest!

The NFT space of Fantom Opera has been steadily growing, and the Spooky Swap team is very excited for our upcoming generative NFT series, Magicats! To get ready for summoning our 5000 magical cats, we wanted to first have one more contest that rewards talented photoshoppers and photo editors in a new and exciting way.

We’re proud to announce the first SpookySwap Make-a-Magicat contest with a total of $800 in prizes!

What will your creativity conjure using this template?

This contest rewards creativity and photo editing skills in a way unexplored with our previous contests. Community members familiar with Reddit’s Photoshop Battles will have a good understanding of what to expect with this giveaway. Entrants can add whichever assets create a humorous, unique, and magical cat using our NFT template.


  • Four winners picked by the SpookySwap team will each earn $200 of BOO!
  • Contest dates are from 16:00 UTC October 11th to 23:59 UTC October 18th.
  • To submit, entrants must retweet the official SpookySwap Twitter announcement in a tweet with their submission (or a link to their submission) attached, and include the #Magicats hashtag.
  • No NSFW submissions will be eligible.
  • You must be following the SpookySwap Twitter account to enter! We will need to DM you for your MetaMask wallet address if you are a winner.
  • Submissions may need to provide proof of their original content in order for the submission to be verified. Artists will need to provide a .psd, .ai or .svg of the submission in order to show proof of originality.
  • Winners must provide a MetaMask wallet address, privately to our development team, to receive a prize.
  • Multiple submissions per Twitter account are acceptable.
  • Submissions must include the blank template image.
  • Judges for the contest will be the SpookySwap development team.
  • We will be judging based on humor, technique, and #Magicats theme.
An example entry by our social media manager, Patchwork


Our recommended layer order from top to bottom is headpiece art, face art, hand art, body art, followed by the base template on bottom. It may be easiest to make an extra copy of the Magicat’s hand as a layer in order for items to look like they’re being held.

Please do not submit anything that defames or attacks other platforms or protocols. You can either create an original character, or be inspired by existing Fantom Opera characters. Ultimately, the art can be anything that fits the #Magicats theme. Remember that submissions may need to provide proof of their original content in order for the submission to be verified!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How do I enter? Retweet the official SpookySwap Twitter contest announcement with your submission attached, and include the #Magicats hashtag. That’s it!
  • What if I want to do multiple submissions? Multiple submissions per account are great! You can create a thread of submissions by replying to your previous post.
  • When will the results be announced? Our team will review submissions within 48 hours after the contest ends, and then dedicate a week to reach out to potential winners and verify the results and original work. You can expect our announcement of the results to be published October 20th.

Stay Spooky!



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