The 2022 #SpookyFiSeason Art Contest Results!

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2 min readNov 10, 2022


A huge thank you to more than a dozen artists that entered our SpookyFiSeason art contest! We appreciate every piece of fanart we’ve received of Grim and our other SpookySwap characters, and it’s been encouraging to see the continued support for Fantom and Spooky into 2022.

We’re proud to announce our #SpookyFiSeason art contest winners with a total of $1000 in prizes!

A few of our 2022 SpookySwap art contest entrants

First, let’s announce the four runner-ups who will receive $125 of BOO, and a SpookySwapArt runner-up NFT ribbon!


Brewing Something Spooky by GrumpyGoose
Spooky in the Boiler by Pacific Rose
Treat or Treat~ by Zheeyon
Trick or Treat! by Kana Leigh

Grand Prize Winner

And now for our Grand Prize Winner! Overall, all of the submissions we received were excellent and it was a very tough decision to choose just one piece to stand out among the rest.

We went with the following submission for its very spooky lighting technique, cute crypto vibe, and vibrant color choices. While all of the submissions were great to receive, matching spookiness with added finance details and great technique made the following submission feel like it truly captured SpookyFiSeason.

It’s Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOO! by Kokoa!

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOO! by Kokoa

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who entered the SpookyFiSeason 2022 Contest! As a reminder to our community artists and photo editors, the Make-A-Magicat competition is still ongoing where four winners picked by the Spooky team will each earn $125 of BOO and $125 of FTM thanks to The Official Creaticles Team!

Stay Spooky!

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