#Magicats Make-A-Magicat Contest Results

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3 min readOct 19, 2021

The SpookySwap community came together and made our first Make-a-Magicat contest a huge success! We had a blast reviewing more than 30 submissions from such a creative community and appreciated the humor and techniques used for each submission. As a reminder to our community artists, the SpookySeason art contest is still ongoing for the entire month of October, with a total of $3000 in prizes.

We’re extremely happy to see the various art styles showing the creativity of our BOO community

To get ready for summoning our 5000 magical cats, we wanted to first have one more contest that rewards talented photoshoppers and photo editors in a new and exciting way. Magicats is the upcoming official SpookySwap generative NFT series featuring over 200 art assets created by the SpookySwap lead artist. The mint price is tentatively 150 FTM, which could change based on the dollar price of FTM closer to release. Additionally, a planned portion of royalties from Magicats will go towards xBOO stakers as an additional benefit for holding BOO. You can find out the latest information on the NFT series by regularly checking our Magicats NFT page on SpookySwap.

Find out which kind of cat you are over on the Magicats Landing Page

We’re proud to announce the four winners for the contest with a total of $800 in prizes! First off, here’s the a few honorable mentions that will not be receiving a prize:


Astronaut by Paran
Unicorn Cat by Andreas
Catue of Liberty by Nick Meeuwisse
Halloween Kitty by Eric
Singing the Blues by Farmer Pete

Grand Finalists

And now, based on SpookySwap team voting, here are the four winners who will each be receiving $200 in BOO:

Fantom of the Opera by Crypto Shake
I’m in! by Tutipila
Felix the Cat by Kyle Smyth
SHORYUKEN! by Timothy

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who entered our SpookySwap Make-a-Magicat contest! We appreciated each submission and the humor or creativity shown in each piece of art. We hope our talented community also participates in our ongoing SpookySeason art contest, that rewards artwork not only focused on SpookySwap, but the entire Fantom ecosystem. Be sure to check our Magicats landing page for the latest information on Magicats release later this October.

Stay Spooky!

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