#SpookySwapArt Scairdrop Contest #4 — More Memes!

Our previous meme contest winner: Spooky-BOO by LesseyEduardo


  • 1 Grand Prize winner receives: $300 in BOO and our SpookySwapArt exclusive NFT trophy!
  • 5 Runner-ups receive $100 of BOO, and a SpookySwapArt runner-up NFT!
Woman Yelling at Cat. Submitted by Tommy_Moonman


  • Contest dates are from 12:00 UTC September 13th to 23:59 UTC September 30th.
  • To submit their original memes, entrants must retweet the contest’s announcement at the official SpookySwap Twitter account with their submission attached, and include the #SpookySwapArt hashtag.
  • Multiple submissions per Twitter account are acceptable. Please create a thread using your first retweet when posting additional submissions, and include an additional #SpookySwapArt hashtag in your reply.
  • No NSFW art will be eligible.
  • You must be following the SpookySwap Twitter account to enter! We will need to DM you for your MetaMask wallet address if you are a winner.
  • Submissions may need to provide proof of their original content, for example by e-mailing a .psd, in order for the submission to be verified.
  • Winners must provide a MetaMask wallet address, privately to our development team, to receive a prize.
  • Submissions that do not reference SpookySwap will not be eligible.
  • Judges for the contest will be the SpookySwap development team. We will be judging based on humor, creativity, and attention to detail.


Make sure your submissions reference SpookySwap in order to be eligible. Please do not submit anything that defames or attacks other platforms or protocols. The more effort the better, but anything that can make the development team laugh is a great submission! You can use the art assets here to help with your memes!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How do I enter? Attach your submission to a retweet of the contest’s announcement that includes @SpookySwap and #SpookySwapArt. That’s it! You can also add text if you would like to.
  • What if I want to do multiple submission but I’ve already retweeted? One retweet is sufficient to submit multiple times, but please create a thread of your submissions by replying to your original retweet (and include an additional #SpookySwapArt hashtag in the new submission).
  • How are you judging submissions? We’ll be awarding points based on humor, creativity, and effort. Submissions that do not reference SpookySwap or BOO will not be eligible.
  • Where can I get SpookySwap art to help me make memes? Check our Medium post to help you with your submissions!
Heaviest Objects. Submitted by FarmMaximalist



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